We are excited to host monthly ICFM V-Connection on Zoom for the ICFM pastors and ministers. We are here to support and help you navigate through this season, connecting and fellowshipping with one another. The V-Connections is hosted on the first Thursday of the month at 10 a.m. (Central Time).

The V-Connection offers a platform for the ICFM ministers to connect with other ministry leaders, share ideas, and link together. And we can incorporate the mission of Encouraging, Connecting & Equipping…through Technology.

Look for meeting information and details in your inbox. We are looking forward to connecting with you on Zoom!

Here are topics from previous Zoom meetings:


   ICFM V-Connection: Effective Leadership

     Vision Casting
     Team Building
     Problem Solving
     Decision Making

ICFM V-Connection: Biblical Roles of a Minister of the Gospel

  • Continually Grow in Your Relationship With God
  • Prayer and Ministry of the Word
  • Take Heed to Yourself
  • Feed The Flock
  • Be An Example
  • Lead The Flock
  • Navigate the Course of Life

ICFM V-Connection: Continuing with God’s Plan for Your Ministry 

ICFM V-Connection: Being There for Other Ministers in a Time of Need

ICFM V-Connection: Leading Through Crisis