Pastor Stefan Schlogl

New Zealand National Director

Stefan Schlogl was born and raised in Austria. After immigrating to New Zealand in his early twenties he had an encounter with God which led to his conversion. Following his ministry training at a Word of Faith Bible Training Centre he and his wife Vanessa pioneered a church in Wellington, New Zealand where they pastor to this day. Stefan joined ICFM New Zealand in the early nineties and was invited to join the National Board of Trustee a few years later. H Pastor Schlogl is an excellent teacher of the Word, and is highly respected for his ‘how to’ messages that have helped many believers step into a life of ‘faith and victory.’  He is the longest serving minister in his city, and his leadership is recognized and well-received by both the pastors of his city as well as the pastors of ICFM NZ.  He is passionate about seeing local churches organized and run well—with integrity, excellence and relevance.  He and His wife Vanessa are committed to raise up a purpose-filled leadership generation whose focus is the end time harvest of souls. Their recent establishment of a Bible School in their local church further enables them to train leaders and five-fold ministers who will build thriving churches and ministries.