Membership Application


  • Fill out this application completely. Be sure to sign it and attach a recent photo for identification purposes. (Snapshots are acceptable.)
  • Send or give the sponsor recommendation form and envelope to the person who will recommend you. Ask them to mail it back to the ICFM office. The sponsor form must be submitted by a current member of ICFM.
  • Attach a copy of your current license and/or ordination certificates, or a wallet card if available.
  • The application fee is pro-rated according to the date when submitted: $150 (March/April/May) $112.50 (June/July/Aug) $75 (Sept/Oct/Nov) $187.50 (Dec/Jan/Feb)
  • ICFM membership is renewable each February for a fee of $150.00 member/$50 spouse (U.S. funds). Applications submitted in Dec/Jan/Feb will receive membership through the following membership year.
  • This fee is non-refundable despite acceptance or rejection and all forms and information are property of ICFM.
  • An applicant’s spouse may apply for membership at a reduced fee. A separate application for the spouse and credentials are required. The spouse application fees are as follows (pro-rated according to the quarter): $50 (March/April/May) $37.50 (June/July/Aug) $25 (Sept/Oct/Nov) $62.50 (Dec/Jan/Feb)



If you would prefer to mail in your membership form and pay via check, please click here to download the membership application packet.