We work very hard to continually find ways to support our members, both spiritually and on the business side of running a ministry.
ICFM has launched an affinity program with LightSpar and their hosted VoIP/Internet service line.
Since 1999, LightSpar has been a facility-based provider of communications and network solutions that improve IT performance while maximizing IT investment, saving small to mid-sized organizations 30-50% on their phone bill.
Through a unique delivery architecture and platform, LightSpar delivers purpose-built voice and enhanced internet services that are tailored to exacting specification with best-of-breed technology.
In short, LightSpar saves companies and ministries money, and supports their ongoing business needs.
  • VOICE¬†

    • Everyone has a phone number and some type of voice service.¬† Whether you have a single phone or hundreds, LightSpar virtually guarantees a lower cost and more importantly a vastly superior customer experience. They answer the phone when you call for help. Already on the service, the ICFM office can vouch for this fact. Stop paying maintenance and repair costs on an outdated phone switch, or hundreds of dollars for a few phone lines.

    • Super charge your current internet connection.
    • “Smart Internet” which provides literal visibility into users accessing websites (or who is watching Netflix on the Wi-Fi) and the ability to block the traffic. Or better yet, just limit the bandwidth that can be used for those types of services.
    • Be prepared when your internet circuit goes down with automatic failover to LTE.
    • Wi-Fi is built-in and includes separate guest and corporate network setups.
ICFM has spent time and resources vetting and negotiating bulk rates with LightSpar. We hope these services will be of benefit to your ministry.
Please contact LightSpar for additional information by calling 972.774.0500 and ask for Chris Moore, or by emailing association.benefits@lightspar.com.